The TRAIN is NOT running at the present time (May 2019). We have applied to the National Rail Safety Regulator to run the train and section cars around the Ravenshoe Yard as part of our One Year Plan.We do not know the timeframe for this as yet. Our Five Year Plan involves securing funding to repair/replace three bridges and track to Tumoulin in the future.


The Railway would not function without the dedicated efforts from all of the Volunteers. Our Board, Chairman, John Kidner, Directors: Brian Needham, Wayne Edwards, Maryanne Anderson, Secretary Sue Frick, Treasurer Steve Morgan , Canteen Manager Annette Cane. (2019) 

We have a caravan park which operates all year round with volunteer caretakers. There is room for 50 caravans.

A campfire is lit up each night by the caretakers for happy hour during the busy season (May to October).

The G-Strings, Ravenshoe's popular singing group,  have sing along sessions every Thursday from 4pm - 6pm in the busy season.


Ravenshoe Railway Caravan Park

is looking for volunteer Caretakers (couples,  families)

Interested in caretaking a small caravan park in the centre of a small friendly town?


Please send resume and references to

[email protected]


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